There was good interaction between staff and people

The Island Residential Home in Leysdown rated inadequate

A care home has been put into special measures after being rated ‘inadequate’ by the healthcare watchdog.

The Island Residential Home in Leysdown was found to be unsafe and poorly led after a two day unannounced visit by Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors in January.

The CQC said the inspection was brought forward in response to concerns raised about the safety and management of the service at the home, which accommodates up to 34 people.

The Island Residential Home has been put into Special measuresIn their report, published this month, inspectors found “people were not safe and were at risk of avoidable harm”.

Risk assessments did not have all the information staff needed to keep people safe, they added. An example used in the report was that someone who had choked in December last year which was not added to their risk assessment so it did not show the person was at risk of choking.

“Staff did not have up to date information to keep the person safe,” inspectors said.

The regulators also highlighted how medicines were not always managed safely at the home, which accommodates up to 34 people.

The report said: “Medicines were stored at safe temperatures in monitored clinical rooms and medicines fridges. However, a medicine fridge contained a urine sample which was next to people’s medication which was unhygienic, said the report, and there was a risk that medicines could become contaminated.

“Staff did not have up to date information to keep the person safe.” CQC”Medicines had gone missing in the service,” it added.

Another failing noted was “widespread and significant shortfalls in service leadership”.

“Leaders and the culture they created did not assure the delivery of high quality care,” inspectors said. “Records were not accurate, complete or contemporaneous.”

They did, however, say residents were supported and treated with dignity and respect. “We observed people being treated with kindness and respect by staff,” the report said. “Staff took time to talk with people and played games, which people enjoyed.”

## ## It added: “The atmosphere in the service was relaxed and calm. There was good interaction between staff and people with a lot of laughter, joking and banter.”

The Island Residential HomeOwner KK Pawar said: “We take the concerns that have been raised very seriously and have taken immediate action to address them. We’ve undergone a major restructure of the management and senior management. This includes a new registered manager who started on February 4.

“We continue to be committed to improving standards and providing a safe and caring environment for our residents as we have for the past 30 years.

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